Attorney Chen Bahar



Attorney Bahar has been a member of the Israel Bar Association since 2004.


Immediately upon graduation (in 2003), Attorney Bahar joined the law offices of Lipa, Meir & 

Co. – initially as an intern, and later as an attorney.

In 2006, Attorney Bahar joined the law offices of Tsabari, Yuval & Co. and in 2009 he was  made partner and manager of the firm’s litigation



In 2012, Attorney Bahar decided to embark on an independent venture and founded the firm 

currently named Bahar Shabtay – Law Office.

Attorney Bahar is a leading attorney with an extensive reputation in handling complex and 

large scale litigation cases and he also vast experience in litigation before all courts of law and 

tribunals in Israel.


Attorney Bahar provides routine legal counsel to companies in all areas of civil and commercial law.

Attorney Bahar has a rich and diverse background in representing clients throughout 

commercial transactions, mergers and acquisitions.

Attorney Bahar also gained considerable experience in handling insolvency proceedings.

For nearly a decade, Attorney Bahar has been serving as the legal adviser for the nonprofit 

organization Larger Than Life – the largest nonprofit in Israel for bettering the quality of life 

of children with cancer. This service is provided by Attorney Bahar as a pro bono service for 

the community.


25 Ibn Gabirol St. (4th Floor), Tel Aviv |  Tel: 03-5444994 |  Fax: 03-5444995