Attorney Naama Shabtay Bahar


Attorney Shabtay Bahar has been a member of the Israel Bar Association since 2004.

Immediately upon graduation (in 2003), Attorney Shabtay Bahar joined the law offices of N. 

Feinberg & Co. – initially as an intern, later as an attorney and since 2012 as a partner.

In January 2014, Attorney Shabtay Bahar decided to embark on an independent venture and 

she has since been a partner and in the law offices of Bahar Shabtay and manages the 

department of labor law.


As part of her work for N. Feinberg & Co., as well as today, Attorney Shabtay Bahar 

accompanied large employers in the market in the areas of labor laws and workplace relations.

Attorney Shabtay Bahar provides routine legal counsel to some of the market’s largest employers.


Attorney Shabtay Bahar accompanies both private employment relations and collective 

employment relations in workplaces where the employees are unionized.

In the unionized sector, Attorney Shabtay Bahar also accompanies employers negotiating 

collective bargaining agreements – including preliminary collective agreements at the workplace.


Along with said routine counsel, Attorney Shabtay Bahar specializes in litigation before the 

various courts of law: Labor Courts (Regional and National), Supreme Court (Sitting as the 

High Court of Justice), mediation hearings, arbitrations and representation before various 

authorities (to receive permits from the Ministry of Economy, for instance).


In addition, Attorney Shabtay Bahar gives lectures in workplaces on the subject of preventing 

sexual harassment (in cooperation with the Gvool project), as well as additional areas 

pertaining to workplace relations and labor laws.

Attorney Shabtay Bahar is also a member of the Israel Bar Association’s labor laws forum.

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